Choosing the right home health care agency for you and your loved ones is a big decision but with so many home care agencies in Calgary, how can you be sure to choose the right one for you. A quick search online will give you numerous options to choose from.

When choosing a home care provider in Calgary, there are some things to pay attention to. After all, you want to ensure your loved ones are in good hands while ensuring you get the services that you need while not paying for the home care services that you don’t need. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you choose the right home care agency in Calgary for you and your loved ones.

What to look for in a home care agency


Ensure that the agency you are considering has a local address and phone number. Many home care providers will only provide an “800” number and no local address. Also, ensure that their care-givers information is available along with their work history and credentials. You should also know who your primary care giver(s) are at any given time.

Employee Retention

Look for a home care company that values their caregivers and appreciates their service. Inconsistent care givers and constant new faces is indicative of a high rate of turnover. It is important to have a consistent caregiver as this allows the caregiver to understand the family’s needs and how to provide the best care possible while reducing the need for the family to have to continuously explain tasks.

Good Hiring Process

A reputable home care agency should have a strong hiring process that looks at a potential employee’s background, credentials, and personality. It is important that the agency you are working with has certified caregivers on staff with at least 2 years’ experience. At Janis Care Services, we have certified health care aids and nurses on staff who are both compassionate and professional. It is important that a registered nurse is available to assess health and caregiving needs so that you get the best possible care.

Flexible Services

It is important that your care agency is flexible enough to accommodate changes in health and circumstances. A good home care agency offers a wide range of home care services while being flexible to provide you with changing services as needed. Do they offer meal preparation, home making services, and home cleaning when needed? Will your care company offer to pick up groceries? Will they drive you to appointments and errands? These are all very important questions when considering hiring a home care company in Calgary.

If you live in the Calgary area and have questions about finding the best home care provider for you, our friendly and professional staff are available to answer any questions. Contact us directly at [email protected] or call/text (403) 870-5511