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Kerris is the founder of Janis Care Services. For as long as he can remember, the hospital setting was a second home for him, but mostly for his mother, Janis. 

Janis was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis during a time when much less was known about how to treat the disease.  With over 40 major surgeries and being confined to a wheelchair for much of her life, she got by with the help of her family and her caregivers. 

The passing of Kerris’ father in 2012 pressured Kerris to find proper support for his mother, Janis, and himself.  He had seen first hand what the public system offered, and experienced the services of many different homecare agencies through the years. 

Janis passed in 2017, but during the latter portion of her life, Kerris and his team of caregivers were able to orchestrate a structure of care that was the best available.

Over the latter stages of Janis’ life, Kerris was the main interface between her rheumatologist, infectious disease specialist, nephrologist, neurologist, and plastic surgeon, as she was being overseen by these professionals that often had to be synchronized so that the different spheres of her healthcare goals could be effectively managed. 

Kerris’ first hand and extensive experience in the field of home health care coupled with his connection some of the most effective caregivers in the province led to the foundation of Janis Care Services – a company which strives to provide the exact same level of care that was given to his mother, which was comprehensive and centered around acute personal care, homemaking, housekeeping, and cooking (Janis was famous for throwing wonderful dinner parties through the hands of her caregivers).

Kerris has a background in neuroscience and is looking to complete his PhD in the near future. 

Janis Care Services Inc

Caregiving Team

The backbone of Janis Care Services is the incredible group of caregivers who provide care for our clients. Every caregiver at JCS has both current first-aid and police checks. They are vetted, trained and supported so that the highest level of care may be provided to our incredible clients.