A person’s quality of life should not have an expiration date, and home care can help seniors maintain comfort, connection and independence in the place they love the most; home. In-home senior care will allow you to age in place, and there are many benefits to this option, including:

Receiving Care in The Comfort of Your Own Home

You’ve likely heard of the saying “there’s no place like home,” and this statement is very true. No matter where your home may be, receiving personalized care there will help seniors remain safe and happy.

Customizable Services

Not only will personalized home care plans help meet a family’s needs now, but you will also be able to scale up the hours if future needs require it.

Minimizing Health Exposures

Receiving care at home can help reduce exposure to germs that can cause illness, and your health will not be at risk.

One-on-One Care

Every individual deserves undivided attention and care, and this is something only in-home caregiving can provide. You will receive undivided focus, and your comfort and safety will always be prioritized.

Personalized Care Plans

Every person is unique, and needs will vary from one patient to another. When it comes to home care, everyone needs something different and personalized care plans will help meet your family’s individual needs both now and in the future if those needs were to change.

Lifestyle Continuity

Social connections are vital to a person’s well-being, and in-home care can help seniors maintain connections within their community and circle of friends. This will lead to continued happiness and joy, and seniors will not feel a sense of loss.


In addition to lifestyle continuity, seniors can also build personal relationships with their in-home care professionals to reduce loneliness and depression.

Better Health Outcomes

One-on-one care is known to improve medication adherence and nutritional status, and this can improve health outcomes.

Continued Independence And Dignity

Institutionalized care cannot offer the same level of dignity and independence that in-home care can—autonomy and dignity are vital for one’s overall well-being.


In-home senior care is affordable, especially compared to other senior care options like nursing homes or assisted living centres.

The reality is that in-home care offers benefits that other types of senior care cannot match. Most senior homeowners want to live in their own homes as they age because of comfort and familiarity, which can only be found at home.

If you are looking for home care made just for you, Janis Care Services Inc can help. We understand the magnitude of this decision and offer a range of customized caregiving, including in-home care, palliative care, assisted living, companionship and home care assistance. Contact us at 403-870-5511 to learn more about our Calgary home care services.